Group of children holding instruments and following a lesson


We offer group music classes for young children and youth that engage in positive creative play, introducing a love of music and voice to a new generation of budding musicians. Along with traditional RCM lessons, the Conservatory also offers programs that follow both the Kodaly and Orff methods which are integrated into many of the early childhood group classes. See the Suzuki lesson page for additional options.

Whether you’re looking for music with your baby or group piano lessons for kids, the Conservatory has something for all young ones! Introduce your child to a creative community while learning new skills and techniques from experienced instructors.

The recommended age for students in each class is listed beside the course name. If two ages are listed (for example four- and five-years old), children of both ages can register for the program. The curriculum is designed to support the students (in their age group) to grow and learn musically throughout the term.


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