Course description

Orff Bloomers allows students between the ages six and seven to develop their love for music through improvisation, creation and composition through singing, playing, and moving. Through hands-on discovery learning, children enhance their ability to respond to music through solfége, rhythmic reading, folk tunes, folk dances, contemporary music, nursery rhymes, and poems. Major components of the lessons include learning, improvising, and creating using pentatonic melodies, creative movement activities with added movement vocabulary, and composition. Students will also learn how to play and improvise on the soprano recorder and pitched percussion instruments (xylophone, metallaphone, and glockenspiel) using mainly pentatonic melodies. Children in this class showcase what they have learned at the end of each class for parents, alongside an on-stage performance at the end of each term. Their skills will be displayed through singing, chanting, creative movement and instrumental playing.


Please review the Orff Handbook for important information and resources
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