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Conservatory speech arts and drama lessons

Have fun, build confidence and explore the power of your voice. Speech arts and drama classes set the stage for you to discover the joy of language, literature and theatre arts in a creative, dynamic atmosphere.

Speech arts and drama classes are multidimensional and tailored to meet the needs of each student. You’ll be taught by highly skilled and motivated instructors with real-life performance experience who are dedicated to the development and growth of their students.

We offer programs for children, youth and adults at all levels with specialized courses for each age group. Whether you’ve never once stepped on stage or are a seasoned performer, we have a speech arts and drama program for you.

Highlights and benefits

Build confidence — A supportive, encouraging environment helps prepare you to confidently step into the spotlight

Develop vocabulary — Enhance your reading comprehension and add to your speech repertoire through the exploration of language and literature

Improve speaking skills — Explore the power of your voice with a focus on speech work and performance techniques

Foster creativity — Practice tapping into your creative side and let your imagination take centre stage through games, storytelling and improvisation


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