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Suzuki lessons are specifically geared towards younger students to help them engage and explore music in a fun, creative and supportive environment. Children usually begin between the ages of 3 and 5 with one of their parents and our instructors in a private studio setting. Throughout the Suzuki growing process, the student thrives in an atmosphere of continual support and understanding. Every aspect of the Suzuki program is dedicated to the child — from repertoire, lesson length and use of the instrument to the positive pedagogic approach. Parents participate actively, attending lessons and practicing with their child at home.

Students also participate in group music lessons with similar aged children and their parents. Group lessons allow students to have fun with their peers while they explore music theory, posture development, performance practice, tone study, ensemble playing, etc. Public recitals are held during both the Fall and Spring terms. As well, informal get-togethers and home concerts provide frequent performance opportunities.

The MRU Conservatory's Suzuki Program is supported by the Mount Royal Suzuki Parents Association (MRSPPA). 


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Private Suzuki Guitar Lessons (45minx16)
R - Private Lessons
Sep 01, 2023 to Jan 31, 2024
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Private Lessons (Conservatory)  
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TV04 non-credit $1,008.00
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VEAA $35.00 Mandatory
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Aug 28, 2023
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Aug 28, 2023
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Suzuki Guitar: 45 minute lessons; 16 lessons total. 
Students must confirm lesson schedule with their instructor.

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