Course description

Apply all the skills learned in your previous conflict resolution courses to facilitate interest-based mediation processes effectively and competently to a generalized standard. As a capstone course, you will apply and demonstrate your knowledge of mediation for skills-based assessment.

Learner outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:


  • Apply the skills for conducting a pre-mediation interview 
  • Outline requirements of a process assessment 
  • Integrate the 4 stage mediation process training model effectively 
  • Demonstrate effective synthesis of skills, process and philosophy in interest-based mediation, including shifting from positions to interests 
  • Critique approaches to mediation based on specific scenarios 
  • Create an accurate, outcomes-based mediation summary 
  • Integrate ethical considerations into practice 
  • Identify areas for professional mediation practice 


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XCFR 20403 - Conflict Intervention with a minimum grade of C-  
AND XCFR 20404 - People, Power, and Emotion with a minimum grade of C-
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