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The violin is an exciting instrument used in a wide variety of genres from chamber music to orchestras, and from country music to bluegrass and jazz.

Studying the violin opens students up to both classical and contemporary genres, and is accessible to students of all ages and varying abilities. Beginning with lessons for students as young as 5 years old, the Conservatory offers professional, engaging and creative programs for students to experience the musical world of the violin.

Whether your goals are to play professionally or purely for enjoyment, the Conservatory invites you to explore everything the violin has to offer.


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Private Violin Lessons (30minx12)
R - Private Lessons
Feb 01, 2024 to Jun 30, 2024
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Private Lessons (Conservatory)  
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TV01 non-credit $474.00
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Violin: 30 minute lessons; 12 lessons total. 
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