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As part of our desire to make all of our classes as accessible as possible, the Conservatory has moved to using a hybrid virtual/in-person platform for Speech Arts Theory. These courses will now be offered with a live, interactive, in-person class together with online options for students who require additional flexibility with their schedule. Theoretical studies are most relevant when there is a clear connection to practical work and this is an important principle of our approach. Students engage in their studies through reading, research and discussion, carefully designed homework assignments and mock examinations. They gain insight and understanding for their practical performance work and the enriched study of literature and drama serves them well in academic studies in both high school and university.
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Speech Theory Tech Level 2
G - Group Classes
1:00PM to 3:00PM
Sep 28, 2024 to Dec 07, 2024
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Group Classes (Conservatory)  
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TV03 non-credit $310.00
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No lesson: October 12th, 19th, November 2nd, and 9th

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