Course description

Learn how to consider an entire document from the reader’s perspective and make decisions about organization and visual design. Using practical examples from print and online documents, you will tackle various comprehensive editing problems and find solutions.

Learner outcomes


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate a document to determine what structural changes would improve it 
  • Create outlines and timelines of existing and revised documents 
  • Make changes to a document, such as revisions, deletions, or added material, so that it will meet length requirements  
  • Determine which parts of a document would be more effectively presented in a different format (for example, images, graphs, maps, vertical lists, tables, or appendixes). 
  • Suggest effective headings, subheadings, lists and captions 
  • Write an editor's note that communicates the reasons for your editorial decisions with tact and respect.  



Recommended course preparation:  XCOM 20008-Grammar and Punctuation Essentials, XCOM 20002-Editing Fundamentals

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Structural Editing
ON - Online
Sep 16, 2024 to Oct 21, 2024
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TXP1 non-credit $459.00
Reading List / Textbook
Structural Editing: Meeting Professional Editorial Standards. Editors' Association of Canada available from Editors Canada https://www.findjoo.com/POS/Widget/f0196735-93a6-484f-a744-a95a0111416e?editId=c50495d1-c219-4531-88b0-ae620144d586&categoryId=61749a1e-c54a-4a74-91e0-aa2a01370807&hideEvents=true&hideCourses=true&hideBookings=true&pDisplay=2
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•   This is an online, asynchronous course; it is not an independent study course. There are set due dates for graded and non-graded assessments and students are required to actively participate throughout the course via discussion and other activities.

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