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3 required courses (28 hours) - or take an introductory course


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Complete in 4 months, or up to 3 years

Reiki is a light-touch, holistic form of alternative health practice that invokes “Universal Life Force energy” to address a range of issues.

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a non-invasive, complementary therapy which uses light touch and intention to channel living, healing and nurturing energy to the recipient. By learning the methods of Usui Reiki, you can adopt an alternative health practice that promotes relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki is simplistic in nature, and when practiced for self-care students often report a profound transformation within themselves and in how they live their lives.

Some people seek Reiki training primarily to help themselves, their families and friends while others use it to start or complement a holistic healing profession. Completing the principles and attunements of the three courses prepares you to practice as a Reiki Master/Teacher.



New to Reiki?

Interested in learning more about Reiki before taking the full program? Check out our Introduction to Reiki course.

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Highlights and benefits

Earn a recognized credential | Enhance your career prospects

Enhance your life | Develop your personal and professional skills

Real-world knowledge | Learn from experienced industry professionals


Course schedule by semester

(Sept. - Dec.)
(Jan. - April)
(May - Aug.)
First Degree Reiki CL CL CL
Second Degree Reiki CL CL CL
Usui Reiki Master / Teacher CL CL CL



BL: Blended (Online & Classroom)
CL: Classroom
FT: Fast Track
ON: Online
IDS: Independent Study
P: Practicum

This schedule is subject to change. Courses start on various dates within each semester. Fall schedule and registration is available in June; Winter schedule and registration is available in November; and Spring/Summer schedule and registration is available in March.



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Minimum required

3 Course(s)

Complete three required courses to earn your certificate of completion.

Courses in this certificate have prerequisites.

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