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This engaging performance-based program advances your performance technique, musicianship and collaboration skills with a focus on your future professional goals.

The Advanced Performance Program fills the gap in traditional musical development and degree programs, focusing almost exclusively on the performance element and the tools required to be a successful performer. The Advanced Performance Program provides students with an expanded opportunity to study with a number of national and international artists in a supportive, safe and creative environment, creating invaluable opportunities to learn from a variety of active performers.

Cultivating leadership and communication skills are an important component of our program. Our faculty are outstanding, internationally recognized musicians, who are invested in your musical, technical and personal growth. The Advanced Performance Program is offered for brass, woodwinds, classical guitar, piano, voice, choral conducting and strings including violin, viola, cello and bass.

The Advanced Performance Program's reputation is respected globally, with many of our graduates being sought-after and continuing their studies in leading music schools, or performing with renowned orchestras and ensembles in Canada, the United States and Europe.

This intensive program runs on Mondays from September to May.


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Please complete the audition process before registering for this program. See details below and fill out the audition application form.


Who is APP for?

High school students

Are you taking a gap year? Come explore and augment your performance skills before entering a bachelor’s program. We will help you advance your musicianship and work on your audition preparation. The Advanced Performance Program will give you the confidence to succeed in your artistic endeavors.

Baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate students

If you're in university or have completed your degree, but want focused performance enhancement, APP will help you take your art to the next level. Our collaborative agreements with other musical institutions mean you can receive an Extension Certificate for your work in APP while pursuing your bachelor's or master's degree.


Collaborative programs

Students seeking to pursue their Bachelor of Music or Master of Music degree from the University of Calgary (UCalgary) have two options available to them. Advanced Performance Program Students may enroll in both programs simultaneously or be eligible for Advanced Placement based upon the outcome of their audition for acceptance into UCalgary.

Advanced Placement:

Alumni of the APP program who are interested in a music degree from UCalgary may be eligible for Advanced Placement. In these cases, the audition jury may determine that an individual should be excused from taking certain required music courses. Students who have been given advanced placement will be required to substitute courses to complete UCalgary program requirements.

Complete a Bachelor of Music or Master of Music at the University of Calgary while participating in the Advanced Performance Program at Mount Royal Conservatory

Through a unique collaborative agreement, students interested in an enhanced performance-focused program can complete a BMus or MMus and the APP simultaneously. Academic courses are completed at UCalgary and students study an instrument or voice with either an MRU Conservatory or UCalgary instructor. Weekly masterclasses, chamber music, recitals and other requirements are organized so that degree/APP requirements are not duplicated.

Interested students must audition and meet the admission and tuition requirements of both institutions. UCalgary auditions typically take place in late February/early March for the BMus and in February for the MMus. APP applications are due early May.

For information on admission requirements, please see the following:

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A collaborative offering of MRU Conservatory’s APP and Ambrose University’s music program presents an augmented performance-focused program of study for students that are capable of fulfilling the requirements of both institutions. Under this agreement, MRU Conservatory students can apply for and complete a Bachelor of Music degree with Ambrose University. Alumni of the MRU Conservatory are also able to complete a bachelor’s degree at Ambrose University through the Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition (PLAR). Students currently enrolled in APP will be given credit for up to the first two years of the degree program at Ambrose. Through this agreement students can choose to study at Ambrose University and APP simultaneously or complete their degree at Ambrose University following completion of APP.

To be considered for both programs, you will need to submit an application for the APP program, apply for admission to Ambrose University’s BMus. program, complete the joint MRU APP/Ambrose University audition and demonstrate proficiency in music theory. View the Ambrose University admission requirements and apply online.

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Audition requirements

Entrance to the Advanced Performance Program is by audition only. Auditions take place face-to-face in late May. All auditions are evaluated by a panel consisting of Academy and APP faculty. Students should prepare the following:

  • One movement from a standard concerto
  • Two contrasting works of the applicant's choice

Three contrasting works of the applicant's choice

  • One prelude and fugue by J.S. Bach
  • One complete classical sonata
  • Two contrasting works of the applicant's choice
  • One movement from a standard concerto
  • Two contrasting works of the applicant’s choice
  • Two contrasting movements from a suite or sonata by J.S. Bach
  • One opera aria
  • Three classical selections
  • One additional selection of the applicant’s choice
  • Repertoire should represent different musical periods, styles and the four major languages (English, French, German and Italian)

Two pieces selected by the instructor. Applicants will be informed of the selections after they apply.



APP students can arrange to live in on-campus housing. Visit the Residence Services website for more information. For students who prefer to live off-campus, the Students Association of Mount Royal maintains up-to-date listings of houses, duplexes, suites, apartments, and room and board arrangements available locally.

Tuition and subsidies

The Advanced Performance Program is tuition-based and includes rehearsals with collaborative pianists, chamber music coachings, specialized workshops, regular performance opportunities in recitals, masterclasses with world-renowned guest artists, and daily access to the Conservatory's world-class facilities and practice studios. Please note that private lessons are not included in this cost but are required for the program.

Please note that private lessons are not included in this cost, but are required for the program.

Based on the outcome of the audition, admitted students may receive a generous Conservatory Young Artist Grant to support their musical education in the Advanced Performance Program. The Conservatory Young Artist Grant has been able to subsidize tuition anywhere from $800 to $5,530. In years past, 100% of students applying for admission to the Advanced Performance Program have received funding from the Young Artist Grant. Prospective students may apply for additional scholarships and bursaries ranging from $100 to $5,000 to further reduce tuition.

The 2022-2023 tuition for the Advanced Performance Program is as follows1:

Tuition: $9,780

Young Artist Grant: $5,270

Tuition with grant money applied: $4,510

As recipients of financial aid, APP students may be asked to perform on occasion on the Conservatory’s behalf.

1 Figures shown include an estimate of subsidization from the Young Artist Grant. The funding amounts from the Young Artist Grant can change year to year and are not guaranteed.


Program questions?

For further information or for assistance, please contact

Tuition and scholarship deadlines

To secure their spot in the program and to be assigned to a chamber group and collaborative pianist, accepted students must pay their tuition by August 14, 2023. Please note that payment plan options are available; arrangements must be made by August 14, 2023.

Academy and APP students are eligible to receive scholarship funds on the basis of need and/or merit to help cover tuition. Additionally, students can also be considered for the Young Artist Grant.

Students can apply for scholarships, bursaries and the Young Artist Grant when they complete the program application form. You will be notified of your audition and scholarship status no later than June 30, 2023.

Audition forms and deadlines

Applications for the 2023-2024 Academy and Advanced Performance Programs opened February 15, 2023. The deadline to apply is May 15, 2023. Complete the Audition Application form. Auditions for NEW students will be scheduled during the last 2 weeks of May. Students are notified of audition results no later than the end of June. The program begins in September.


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