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Large structures including smoke stacks in a large field.


Stack sampling — also known as source sampling — is the process of collecting and verifying emissions from industrial sources.

Taught by an experienced industry veteran, our stack sampling workshops are available as two- and four-day sessions. Choose the session that best suits your learning and development training needs.

The two-day workshop — Stack Sampling Theory — is tailored to those who need a basic understanding of stack sampling, but may not carry out the sampling themselves. Learn more about the codes and methods used in stack sampling, with an emphasis on the Alberta Stack Sampling Code and the Alberta CEMS Code. Build your knowledge by exploring the topics of quality assurance plans and audits. Learn the theory and calculations behind the methods commonly used for stack sampling programs. Note: there are no hands-on experiences with analyzers in this workshop.

In the four-day workshop — Stack Sampling — you gain in-depth, hands-on experience, invaluable learning for those performing the sampling. Build practical experience and knowledge of the correct procedures for extracting a representative sample from a stack or duct under normal operating conditions. Learn how to complete calculations to determine concentration, mass emissions and more.


Highlights and benefits

Earn a digital badge — For each course completed, earn a digital badge through MyCreds™ to verify your demonstrated knowledge and skills in stack sampling

Develop your skills — Demonstrate competencies through experiential learning

Real-world knowledge — Learn from experienced industry professionals

Gain hands-on experience — Enjoy the benefits of in-person learning in a classroom-based course.


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Course schedule by semester

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Stack Sampling CL N/A CL
Stack Sampling Theory ON N/A CL



BL: Blended (Online & Classroom)
CL: Classroom
FT: Fast Track
ON: Online
IDS: Independent Study
P: Practicum

This schedule is subject to change. Courses start on various dates within each semester. Fall schedule and registration is available in June; Winter schedule and registration is available in November; and Spring/Summer schedule and registration is available in March.

Required materials:

Students must bring printed copies of the Alberta Stack Sampling Code, 1995 (available from Open Alberta) and Alberta CEMS Code, 2021 (available from Open Alberta) to class. Students are strongly encouraged to bring a standard calculator, pens, pencils and a notebook.

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