Person practicing the violin surrounded by other musicians


Mount Royal Conservatory offers large ensemble orchestra programs for musicians at all levels! All orchestra programs require an audition before registration. Please review the audition requirements by clicking into the course pages listed below.

Mount Royal Conservatory orchestras include:



  • Preparatory Strings (Age 7-12, minimum 2 years experience, RCM Grade 1 or complete Suzuki)
  • Book 1 level, must read music (minimum beginner sight reading)
  • Debut Strings (Age 7-12, minimum 1 year of prep strings or equivalent)
  • Chamber Strings (Ages 8-12, minimum 2 years orchestral experience)



  • Junior Sinfonia for intermediate and advancing players with orchestra experience (ages 12-17)



  • Conservatory Sinfonia for more advanced string players (ages 12-16)
  • Calgary Youth Orchestra for highly skilled youth musicians (ages 14-24)
  • Calgary Chinese Orchestra promotes Chinese music and instruments (ages 10 and up)


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