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The oboe, a double reed instrument in the woodwind family, is one of the most beautiful, important and unique musical instruments. With a long history dating back as far as ancient Greece, it has developed through the centuries into one of the most challenging and distinct instruments in the modern orchestra.

As music evolved, so did the oboe. The classical period brought on several more changes to the oboe — a narrower body (called the bore) and more keys, giving the instrument a much wider range. From these earlier forms came the modern oboe. This oboe is usually made from grenadilla wood, though some are made of other woods from the rainforest, and student model oboes are usually made of plastic or resin to avoid cracking. Study and learn the oboe through private lessons from accomplished instructors who are experts in their craft. Private lessons are available for students of all ages and abilities and each student will be matched with an instructor that best fits their needs and goals.


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Private Oboe Lessons (45minx14)
R - Private Lessons
Sep 01, 2024 to Jan 31, 2025
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TV07 non-credit $934.50
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Oboe: 45 minute lessons; 14 lessons total. 
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