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The euphonium is a medium-sized, conical-bore, tenor-voiced brass instrument. The euphonium is a valved instrument. Nearly all current models have piston valves, though some models with rotary valves do exist.

The euphonium may be played in bass clef as a non-transposing instrument or in treble clef as a transposing instrument. In British brass bands, it is typically treated as a treble-clef instrument, while in American band music, parts may be written in either treble clef or bass clef, or both.

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Private Euphonium Lessons (30minx14)
R - Private Lessons
Sep 01, 2024 to Jan 31, 2025
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TV07 non-credit $483.00
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Euphonium: 30 minute lessons; 14 lessons total. 
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