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Approximately $23,350 plus gst.
(includes savings of approx. $5,019 in the Aviation Diploma program as credit is given for the first course)

A private pilot licence allows its holder to act as pilot in command of a private aircraft.

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) program at Mount Royal University is intended for students with little or no flying experience, who wish to join Mount Royal’s industry-recognized Aviation Diploma programs and train for a career as a professional pilot. The MRU PPL program is available to students who have been accepted into a Mount Royal University Aviation program.

MRU offers the PPL program which will prepare students for ongoing flight training as part of the diploma and bachelor programs.

The PPL training consists of ground school and flight lessons, which can take five to eight months to complete.

Required flight hours and ground school time minimums are mandated by Transport Canada. Subject areas covered include: Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation, Flight Operations, Human Factors, Theory of Flight and Airframes & Engines. Practical instruction in flying aircraft takes place at our own facility at the Springbank Airport where we keep our fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft.

Check the frequently asked questions below or contact the Aviation Department for further information on the PPL, Diploma Program, Bachelor of Aviation Management program, Advanced Flight Training, admission requirements and registration: 403.288.9551 or



Frequently asked questions


When does Mount Royal University offer the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) program?

We currently offer 2 admissions a year into the PPL Program. We offer an intake beginning in January with applications opening October 1 and a fall intake opening May 1. The Fall 2024 PPL program coincides with the start of the Aviation diploma and Bachelor of Aviation Management programs and is intended specifically for these successful applicants.


How do I apply for the PPL program?

The fall 2024 intake is specifically for successful applicants of the Aviation diploma and Bachelor of Aviation Management programs. Registration is done through the Faculty of Continuing Education, and further information on deadlines and the registration process will be provided as places are confirmed.


Applications include the following requisites

  • Applicants are to have been accepted into the diploma or the Bachelor of Aviation management program
  • Category 1 Medical
  • Language Assessment for applicants who have not graduated from a Canadian high school

Successful applicants to the Aviation Diploma or Bachelor of Aviation Management program with a Flight Crew Operations concentration will be included in the MRU PPL program, at the students’ request.

Further details on each of the prerequisites above are included with the PPL application.


What are my chances of being accepted into the PPL program?

Places in the PPL program for fall 2024 are given to successful applicants to the Aviation diploma and Bachelor of Aviation Management programs.


What happens if I enter the diploma program without having a PPL?

Students who are planning on doing their PPL training with MRU in tandem with their Diploma through MRU can expect the diploma to take 2.5-3 years to complete. Successful MRU PPL students will receive a credit for the first required course in the Diploma, a savings of approximately $5,019.

Students planning to do the PPL with MRU are to inform aviation through the PPL intake google form provided to all aviation applicants.


How long does it take to complete the PPL?

The MRU Aviation program teaches beyond the minimum Transport Canada requirements. While the minimum dual instruction hours is 17, this is not sufficient to prepare students for the flight test and schools across the country exceed this number in their required training. The Transport Canada minimum for the program is 45 hours, yet average completion across the country is approximately 65 hours. In addition to the Ground School Course, MRU Aviation incorporates 41 hours of dual instruction, 14.5 hours solo instruction, 6 hours simulator dual plus unlimited solo Mentor sim use, and 34 hours of individual ground instruction into the PPL training.

Students should be available to fly as much as possible, with an availability of at least four or five times per week to increase the likelihood of being booked for flights. Please expect both weather and maintenance to cancel some bookings. Some students will require additional training, which we can accommodate.

Timelines vary from student to student based on a variety of factors such as availability, weather, student preparedness and flexibility with short notice bookings.


How is the flight training scheduled?

Aviation students provide their availability with a minimum of four or five times per week of five hours each, and our schedulers put together the schedule. PPL flight training is conducted in daylight hours only. An increased student availability will increase the likelihood of being booked more often.


Where is flight training conducted?

Flight training is held at the Springbank campus located 15 minutes west of Calgary.


Where is the ground school training located?

Ground school is held twice a week on the MRU main campus with class location and time details to be provided to successful applicants. Ground school also includes industry professional guest speakers. Simulator sessions are also at the main campus.

MRU does not provide transportation for students.


Do I need a Category 1 Medical?

Although Transport Canada only requires a Category 3 Medical to begin the PPL, the Category 1 Medical is required to obtain the Commercial Pilot Licence. Therefore, Mount Royal University requires a Category 1 Medical.


How much does it cost to complete the PPL?

Flight training and briefings are the main costs in completing the PPL. Depending on student ability and success, as well as commitment, the flight training portion will cost approximately $23,350.60 plus GST. Successful PPL students will receive credit for the first required Diploma course FLTR 1100, a savings of approximately $5019. Our program is aimed at having students learn to fly safely and anticipates students using the national average for hours required to complete the training. Therefore, our program includes 41 hours of dual instruction, 16.2 hours solo instruction, 5 hours of certified sim, 4.8 hours of Mentor sim plus unlimited solo Mentor use, and 30 hours of individual ground instruction into the PPL training.

Many students will likely need to purchase additional training at some point in the program. Unlimited use of the Frasca Mentor simulator, which is identical to the Cessna 172 cockpit, as well as the Redbird Crosswind Trainer are included in the costs.

In addition, there is a minimum of 40 hours of Ground School required by Transport Canada. The cost of the Ground School portion of the training is approximately $995 and is offered through the Faculty of Continuing Education. While we provide some of the materials required in the course through our online course management system, you will be required to purchase additional materials. We will provide you with a list of required tools and equipment: the ground school materials will cost around $250; headsets cost anywhere from $350 to $600 for a basic model.


Is full payment for the PPL due at the start of the course?

The PPL course consists of ground school and six flight training modules. The Ground school and the first flight module payment is required prior to the start of Ground school. Payment for each of the remaining five modules is required as the student proceeds through the course, and prior to the start of each new module.


Are there student loans available for the PPL?

The government does not approve student loans for the PPL, but only for advanced training beyond the PPL.


Who do I speak to if I have more questions?

Please email us at or call 403.288.9551 with any further questions. Our dedicated staff are happy to speak with you.


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